Font encoding: central european

Hey guys. Great app I have to say. But, is there a chance you can add font encoding to central european? Most of my song titles look like my screenshot below.

Check out my screenshot:

If only there was a template so that you could have provided everything needed to be able to answer this :wink:

Since I have 0 information all I can suggest is that you try a different Typography in the settings starting by System default.

Tried it, every font displays this the same. Some just use different characters for the missing ones. Sorry about the template, here are the logs attached. (494 Bytes)

I need complete logs reproducing the issue to know where the data is from and it’s content.

Those above are not good? Let me try again. I think it should be good now. (4.5 KB)

Ok so from Emby.

Can you provide the media so I can try to repro? The issue looks like either Emby encoding when sending the data or another Xiaomi stupid thing they change from normal Android behavior.

About Xiaomi. I’m using a custom Pixel rom, so not their MIUI software. You want me to send you the mp3 song?

Your Rom could be the issue depending on the SQLite it embeds.

Anyway yes I need the mp3 to reproduce or an access to your server and that file.

Here you go below. The weird thing is, the file name itself doesn’t have any weird letters, but maybe in the meta. I the meantime, I will try more songs.

EDIT: OK, I think it’s the problem with that song only, because in some other song I can see fonts just fine. But I will upload the song anyway, so you can maybe trace the issue and fix it. But I have another problem I have just encouter, I thing it’s a bug, but I will start a new thread for that. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think this is an Emby issue.

So no it’s a file problem, the tool you used did not properly encode the metadata.
You should retag the file so that it use proper UTF encoding.

The wrong data is sent by Emby, but even with my new parser I can’t get the proper data.

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