Files download failing?

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When I auto download some playlists (~100 songs), many files are not downloaded correctly and I get the message that the song is not playable. I deleted everything so I don’t have the logs, but I can try to replicate the error once I’m back home for more info.


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So I’m not sure what you expect from me except repeating what the template says :slight_smile:

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Took me a while, but I managed to replicate the error. The files are not corrupted, when I remove offline cache for that album the songs play without any problem. Logs:

From the logs your server returns a lot of error 416 so have issues with returning proper data.

But it mostly looks like there’s something on your device that clear Symfonium file cache causing the issue.

Can you explain more how / what you do to replicate sine there’s no download in this log.

To replicate, I would have to auto-download a playlist and wait until the process is finished. Error 416 comes up in some songs, and also some random songs are unplayable. I’m using navidrome as server and it happens on 2 different devices.

Maybe it’s something with the server? I will try do replicate the error from scratch (auto-download a playlist), to maybe get more complete logs.

Also, I’m streaming FLAC files with the experimental HI res option on. Is this relevant?

Well the error 416 are from the server yes and need to be investigated for sure as a starter.