[FILE MODE] show original file name instead of tag

The reason to use file mode may be incomplete or broken tag info, therefore, the ability to check the original folder and file names is very important. Also, it’s FILE mode…
if I want to use tag info, why go file mode?

Ha the joy of nice user that write nice messages …

What about I don’t know start by giving the necessary details like your MEDIA PROVIDER …

I apologized that I assumed that showing the original folder file name is not implemented is a feature not implemented. Therefore I assume that the original post would be enough to describe a request for a common feature.

I am using a Jellyfin server.

The original file structure

─[WEB][141228][ALBUM][HOME][Before The Night][FLAC](bandcamp)
        HOME - Before The Night - 01 We're Finally Landing.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 02 Synchronize.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 03 Overflow.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 04 Without A Sound.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 05 Above All.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 06 Pyxis.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 07 Before The Night.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 08 If I'm Wrong.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 09 Nosebleed.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 10 Sun.flac
        HOME - Before The Night - 11 Sleep.flac

And what I get on the app, the folder name and file name is replaced by the album name and track title.
I also upload a video. deleted (no longer needed).

What I want is to browse with the original folder and file names.

I’m displaying what the API returns. I’ll see if I can hack something from the data for Jellyfin.

Oh it’s jellyfin’s issue…
I am sorry for my misassumption.

I just tried kodi and it gives the original folder and file names.