Feature request: implement payment method outside Google Play

Feature description:

Poweramp enables purchase without Google services: Buy Poweramp Full Version | Poweramp – Music Player for Android
It does this without explicitly linking to this option in-app
It would be great to see this in Symfonium too if possible to implement!

Brought benefits:

Alt Android OS users are an admittedly small but vocal community who would appreciate the option to buy the app. As more technically minded users they are also more engaged with bug reports etc.

Other application solutions:

Poweramp does this: Buy Poweramp Full Version | Poweramp – Music Player for Android

Duplicate of many.

What PowerAmp do is against Google policies and can lead to account ban at any time when the bots detect that page.

I offer a solution based on donations on Kofi and infinite trials. This reduce risks a lot and is mostly the same way they do it except manual until Google is forced by law to allow it.

Thanks for the info - i assumed the Poweramp implementation was OK as there’s no link to the payment option in the actual app
Can you point me to the Kofi/infinite trials info?
And feel free to delete this duplicate!

Any link inside the app that can lead to a purchase page is illegal.

So if they have a button that open their homepage in the app they are at risk. This is insane and stupid monopoly but this is the rule for now.

The Ko-fi solution is to make a donation of at least 6€ at https://ko-fi.com/tolriq without telling anything about license there, then send a private message there or here with the trial ID.