Favourites are not being removed from Local Cache

Issue description:

In settings, I have ‘Automatic offline cache of favourites’ turned off, and I have 3 smart playlists that are flagged for offline cache, all of them using favourites as one of the rules.

Despite this, every time I flag a song as a favourite, it gets downloaded, and the songs that are removed from the smart playlists are kept in the downloaded cache.

I need to delete everything manually and refresh it otherwise I run out of space on the phone.

Any suggestion on how to solve it?

Thank you

btw, terrific app!


Upload description: sent a file named vito

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There’s currently no automatic removal of cached media as it’s impossible to know if the media is cached from a rule, multiple rules or manually.

This is a part I need to figure out without making every way too much complicated for the users.

Hello, thank you for the quick reply.

Why are favourites being cached even if i turned off the option in the settings?

Probably from one of the smart playlist, without logs I can’t guess :wink: