Favorites not being sent back to Navidrome server

Issue description:

Favorites items arent being synced back TO the server. They show up just find in symfonium, but it doesn’t send back both ways.


---- Technical details, please do not remove ----

Symfonium: 5.4.5B1-1009 Android: 13 - 33 [arm64-v8a]
Device: google - Pixel 7 Pro [cheetah - cheetah]

debug-20230610_025833.zip (5.2 KB)


Additional information:

I’m running Navidrome on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I want to purchase this app, because I’m in love with it, but this is a bit of a deal breaker if that’s how it’s expected to function. I’ll just assume it’s my ignorance though.

I apologize, it seems like it’s working now. It hadn’t worked over the week I’ve used it, but I guess I did something to make it properly add them.

There’s nothing to do for them to sync.

The thing is that Symfonium is offline first, so it allows you to toggle the favorite status when offline and will sync them back when you are connected back. Probably what you saw.

I actually never use the offline mode. I pretty much use it as a streaming service replacement where everything is always streamed (aside from a small cache for performance). It’s all good though, it’s been purchased and I’m proud of the app you made for the community!

Also, I guess I’d like to put in a request for an “online first” mode where everything is synced with the server as you go. It would honestly be fantastic, but I understand that could conflict with the apps core focus.

If the server is connected it’s synced instantly.