Fake 'Time added'

Feature description:

Have Symfonium create a fake ‘Time added’ tag to a file when it is being synced with my library, and from that point going forward always refer to that timestamp.

Problem solved:

There are 5 songs in my recently added page called:

AAA is the last one I downloaded. But when I, for instance, edit DDD with a 3rd party tag-editor, and resync the library. DDD jumps to the top, so it’ll become:


Brought benefits:

Being able to edit songs without them jumping around.

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Hey, I recently requested this feature and it is now available.

The app now supports the Encoding Time tag (TDEN) which is used as the add date. You also need to turn on the “Encoding Time as date added” flag in the local device settings.

I turned on ‘Encoding Time as date added’, but my songs still move to the top of my recently added playlist as I edit their tags with a 3rd party tag-editor.

You said that I ALSO needed to turn this feature on, what was the first thing I needed to do?
Can’t really make it out from your comment

You need to do the following:

  1. Add the proper add date to all your songs, using the TDEN tag.
  2. Enable the “Encoding Time as date added” setting
  3. I suppose you need to resync all your songs

@rsolorio is the way to fully manually control the order yes.

But I’ve added an option for next release to keep the date added as the date it was when first imported to mitigate Android limitations.

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