External Search won't find any result in Symfonium

Issue description:

(Still using gonic as a backend.)

I’m using Pano Scrobbler (last.fm client) on Android, which has a “search externally” feature. It works fine on spotify, dsub, any other client I’ve tried so far.
But on Symfonium, the search never actually appears, but I get a small notification at the bottom of the screen (it’s simply the symfonium logo with “No results” next to it).
Can’t even get it on a screenshot -__-


debug-20230307_155114.zip (3.9 KB)


Additional information:

Tried with the tracks “中里あき子 Faith In You” & “DJ Smokey Nawfside”
The query pano scrobbler does is “$artist $trackname”

I do not use that app and have no idea what it’s supposed to do, please explain a lot more and how to reproduce.

There is a button (the one with the quaver and the magnifying glass), which once clicked, will search externally for the selected song.
For ex., selecting XXXX song will search it on another app (may be youtube, spotify, whatever), so the other app will be opened, and launch the search activity with said query.

From your logs it seems it calls : MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH so the request to play media not show a search page.

Furthermore the query does not send the proper focus field to indicate that it’s about a song despite passing some intent data.

I can workaround the lack of focus field, but that will play the song not show the search dialog as it’s what it’s supposed to do.

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