External / fallback images for artist.png/album.png

Feature description:

Apologies if this feature is already implemented or discussed, I wasn’t able to find anything in the forums.

For context, I’m using the pcloud integration. I am storing a lot of internet radio shows on pcloud, where each folder is it’s own show, and each “episode” is about 2 hours long.

Playback is perfect, but the files themselves (downloaded from the radio provider’s site directly) do not have artwork embedded as ID3 tags.

I would love to be able to add an image into the same folder on pcloud and use that as fall back artwork in the event that the files in that folder don’t have album art embedded. Happy to be flexible on actual image file name (artist.png / album.png/ cover.png?).

Basing this off of previous use of kodi, having local (to the file, not local on my phone) images available to enhance media playback.

Problem solved:

Nicer visualisation and artwork for incorrectly tagged or missing tags.

Brought benefits:

Nicer user interface/experience, especially for custom library types or badly tagged libraries.

Could also work nicely for podcasts or other non-music audio that can be grouped together with the same “album” art instead of empty.

Other application solutions:

Kofi uses other files in the same host folder (nfo, png/jpg) to enhance embedded tags in certain media libraries. Would love something similar here.

Additional description and context:

Have only been using symphonium for a week, and I’ll never look back. Thank you so much for your hard work on this fantastic player.

Screenshots / Mockup:


It’s already there, just put a cover.png or album.jpg or variations of those and they will be picked up.

You may need to clear tag cache after adding them and start a new sync.

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Brilliant! Thanks for the speedy reply, much appreciated.

Just wondering if there is any documentation on which files/file types are available for adding custom metadata for pcloud (or similar providers)?

Would love to craft up some custom nfo/json files to provide context for episodes too, but am well aware it’s a niche thing to play with.

There’s none as in Kodi, everything is in the tags.