Extending recently added queue

Feature description:

See picture.

I noticed you like continuity in your app, so this stood out to me.

Can you extend the queue when clicking on a song to also 1000 songs?

Problem solved:

A queue of 30 is not enough for me. Clicking the header is an option. But also an extra action.

Brought benefits:

I guess it’s a QoL improvement.

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Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:



Playing from a home list plays the content of that home list, hence also the configurable size.

What you want is a smart playlists. Add it to favorites and directly play that playlist.
Allows you to play anything you want in the way you want with 1 click.

And no clicking the header does not lead to a list of 1000 songs, it’s just a load on demand without knowing the size in advance, scroll down in the list and it will load more up to your full library.