Export user data in an open format

Feature description:

I’m currently going through my ~6000-song library attempting to give a star-rating for use with shuffle, smart-playlists, etc. It’s a lot of work, and I would like it to be compatible with my desktop players, etc. Is it possible to write the rating into the file when the music file is a file on the local device?

Problem solved:

Ratings backup, cross-platform ratings compatibility

Brought benefits:

Being able to use work I’ve put in on Symfonium across my devices

Other application solutions:

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This is not possible and out of scope of Symfonium.

In the future what may add is export in a readable format so you can write scripts.

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I would take that! just to clarify - currently Symfonium backups include ratings right? What happens if a file is moved into a different directory or renamed?

No the backups does not have ratings yet. And if it had renaming a file would lose the data.

Understood on both points. is there any plan for incorporating ratings in those backups soon? I need to factory-reset my phone at some point soon and am wondering if I should stop rating things since i’m just gonna wipe it.

Not soon no, this is insanely complex to manage all the different provider difference and different sdcard mount name and the tons of this that would make restore not working :slight_smile:

But I can try to plan basic data export in a month more or less.


very understandable. thank you so much, that’d be wonderful!

Is writing ratings to file (with a local source of course) outside the scope of Symfonium?

Yes Symfonium won’t write to the media files.

Thanks, that’s exactly the info I was searching for. I saw that cloud sources are read only, so I wasn’t sure if mixing local and cloud would result in some ratings being saved and some not. As of now, I’m just using Winamp on Windows to add ratings, because I want them saved cross platform.