Export playlist as a file

Feature description:

Hi :slight_smile:
Kodi limitations won’t stop me, so i ask if it’s possible to implement this thing.
Use case: i use Symfonium playlists a lot for preparing dj sets, so for every set i create a playlist which contains the tracks i’ll play.
On Symfonium i can’t export my playlist as a file that i can give as input to my playlist downloader script, which reads the playlist and downloads every single track to rclone on my pc.
My actual workaround is actually copy manually the Symfonium playlist on Yatse and then export it as a .yap file. Playlist is a Json so i can parse it easily on my script.
I ask if it’s possibile to implement a feature similar to Yatse playlist export so i can avoid to manually copy every single track on Yatse.

Problem solved:

Exporting the playlist file so people who has music files on the network can download them.

Brought benefits:

Avoid manual playlist copying between Symfonium and Yatse making Symfonium the main app to collect playlist on

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This is a duplicate there’s already a request to export / import the playlists.

Export is not an issue but import in multi provider is a lot more :slight_smile:

Ok, Sorry for the duplicate. I’ve implemented a clunky way for forcing Sync between my Kodi players and Symfonium :smile: starting always by Yatse exported playlist