Expanded player - Improve lyrics icon visibility on light album art colors

Feature description:

The expanded player displays a lyrics icon on top of the album art image when available; however, when album images use a light color background the lyrics icon is not visible.

When the song is paused a dark background color is applied to the icon which helps in making the icon visible.

I would like to request a way to tell if a track has lyrics in the expanded player without pausing the track. My suggestion would be to have this background color always visible (if lyrics are available) but other options could be acceptable as well (like placing the icon somewhere else).

Problem solved:

I don’t need to pause my track to tell if it has lyrics.

Another issue is that sometimes I assume a track has lyrics (since I can’t tell if the icon is there or not) and try to click the bottom left corner of the image to display the lyrics, but instead I end up pausing my track which is annoying.

Brought benefits:

Easier way to tell if tracks have lyrics (regardless of the album art colors).

Other application solutions:

What I’ve seen in other applications is that they always display the icon with the contrast background color for better visibility.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Attaching expanded player screenshots (playing and paused state) where it is really hard to tell if the track has lyrics when paused.

You can press 3 dots then lyrics.

The buttons are on purpose not very visible for graphical purpose, there’s even a setting to have the icons even less visible in all cases.

I’ll see to eventually change the less visible option to be a 3 choices option but no promise.

I know about that Lyrics option the in the 3 dots menu, but I was looking for an immediate way of telling if it has lyrics.

And I’m also aware of that icon setting, and converting it to a 3 choices option would fulfill this request. I’d love to see it soon. Thanks.