Expanded Player - Hide double chevron up icon for more vertical state

Feature description:

I love having the ability to change the screen style of the expanded player.

Before stating my issue, I should ask this question… what is the purpose of changing the screen style besides having a different look and feel? Is it also for having a better use of the available space?

I have a device with a 3.6 inch screen so there’s not too much vertical space. I chose using the Clean style since I don’t really use the bottom toolbar.

What I was expecting when I changed from the Default style to the Clean style is to gain vertical space to allow the album art to get bigger; although I must admit that did happen, the gain was minimal because the bottom toolbar was replaced with this doble chevron up icon.

This icon is used to display the current play list, but I noticed it mostly serves as a visual queue since you can still do that by swiping from bottom to top. I feel this icon is waisting a lot of space.

Can I request the ability to hide (or completely remove) this icon? I assume that would either:

  • Allow the rest of the content to move down which wil cause the album art to get bigger
  • Allow to display the additional info row

Problem solved:

In my case what I’m looking for is to have a bigger album art, since my screen is small.

But if that’s not useful for some users, it could also help to display another row of additional data.

Brought benefits:

Make better use of the vertical space available in small screens.

Other application solutions:

Poweramp also has different style options, but those options focus on getting the most of the space in the devices. It has a style for “small screens” and one more for “long screens”.

Additional description and context:

I have explored having the album art as the background of the expanded player, but that doesn’t really display the ful album art.

Attaching images of what I’m suggesting to hide or remove, and what I’m expecting to see (a larger album art).

Screenshots / Mockup: