Expanded player - Album Year always visible

Feature description:

In the expanded player, display the album year right next to the album name.

Problem solved:

This feature would solve two problems:
1- Since most of the data in the player doesn’t use icons, sometimes it is hard to tell which piece of info is the album name and which one is the artist name. Adding the album year next to the album name will give a simple visual queue that it is the album.
2. Instead of looking for the album year clicking multiple times the additional info section, I would see it right away.

Brought benefits:

Simple visual queue that tells which piece of info is the album name.
Quick way of knowing the album year.

Other application solutions:

Most of the music apps out there use one of these two approaches:

  • Display the album year next to the album name.
  • Display an icon next to each piece of data (artist icon, album icon, year icon, song icon, etc) to tell the difference.

Additional description and context:

There are multiple ways of formatting the album name and year but I think the most common and simple one is: Album Name (Album Year)

Worth mentioning, if the album year is not availabe or zero avoid displaying empty parenthesis.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Attaching a screenshot of my proposal.

This was already discussed before, there’s space issues and I won’t add a secondary scrolling line.

In the future the screens will be more configurable but for now there’s an information view for that.

Sorry, I’m not following, why would you add an extra scrolling line? I was suggesting to add the year as part of the album name, and if the horizontal space is not enough just don’t display it, and that’s already happening when the album name is too long, you hide the overflow text and display the ellipsis.

If you had search you’d know :wink:

But no if people want to see the year it’s not to hide it sometimes … So it would remove a lot more data from the album name.

Many people have small screens and / or larger font sizes.

I did search but found nothing, maybe I used the wrong keywords, but that’s fair enough, thanks.

Tolriq probably meant my post here.

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Nice discussion, ha. I realize everybody has their own needs with respect to what (and how) should be displayed in that area. Hopefully we see something more configurable in the near future.