Expanded Now Playing in landscape not respecting UI settings

Issue description:

Expanded Now Playing screen style and cover art margin setting is not respected in landscape: screenshots underneath have been made with “minimalist” and “extra large”, but no other settings are applied on landscape.


debug-20231114_065406.zip (2.1 KB)


Additional information:

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Yes this is normal, there’s currently only 1 landscape design.

There’s needs to handle a tons of different use cases like foldables and large tablets that I have no yet found time to look into.

Currently the user base is nearly all phones so this is relatively low priority.

That would be great (at least for design), since it would allow for a very nice UI for android head units (for cars). Could we maybe expect of “removing” ±10 buttons in order to declutter the ui and make space for smaller screen head units?

Thank you for your very quick response and this amazing app!

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Sorry but no short term plans, anything I badly add now will be a burden later blocking me because users are not happy it’s changed.

Should make it a feature request then?

Well there’s already Now Playing Landscape Alternate View but since he did not fit the template if you make a better request I’ll have yours as target :slight_smile: