Errors synchronizing with Nextcloud Music over Subsonic

Issue description:


I’m having issues synchronizing Nextcloud Music, which has Subsonic integration, with Symfonium. I see all my songs, albums and so on, but if I want to play any of them, I get a error “Too many errors, stopping Playback” and the album and song art also doesn’t show. The log of Symfonium is attached below, I couldn’t find any logs in Nextcloud regarding this.




Thanks for the hard work, I hope this helps :grin:

Hum I do not see any playback attempt in those logs but I see the image errors can you give me an access to the server in private so I can reproduce the situation?

I suppose the API never returns any file value for anything causing this but need to be sure.

How can I contact you privately?

Click my name then message or contact support from the app to mail or the mail from the play store page too.

For the others, it’s an issue with legacy auth not applied everywhere. Will be fixed in 0.9.17+