Error/WebDav: Error getting server data 404-Not Found

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WebDAV (

Hi. I sent the debug.log via the app and via the support website.
I opened it on my computer as I was curious to see what hangs/fails.

I know WebDAV is in BETA, hopefully this will be able to make it go into PROD :wink:
My webdav does not work properly. I see that it connects and browse as I see some folders in the log. However it does stop prematurely and the library is still empty. The log shows Error/WebDav: Error getting server data 404-Not Found.

Thanks for your help. I’m so close to find the perfect app and buy it (my trial expires on 21-Feb.)

PS : Another player I used to use and that I want to move away from had this issue in the past. It used to work and stopped working. They told me in the support “It looks like the format of the response from has changed and we’re not coping with it well” and they indeed were able to make a change that made it work again.

Best Regards,
Stéphane Ernst


Upload description: For the webdav WebDAV ( Error/WebDav: Error getting server data 404-Not Found issue as per support request.

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Difficult, linked to my webdav. I can’t give you my account and not sure if I can create a test account.

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That server have effectively non common answers.

Next release will have a workaround for those.

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Wow merci infiniment pour la réaction rapide (je crois que tu es français juste ? :blush:).

Still I answer in English for more people to understand.

I’ve joined the beta program on Google Play. I’ll let you know! Merci merci.

PS sorry for this non standard webdav implementation, it’s my Internet provider (swisscom) that handles it part of their cloud solution.

Re. Par curiosité, et je pense que tu as bien assez de boulot (quel incroyable quantité de taf pour une personne - app front end, forum aide, doc, suivi Google, change logs, etc… - suis épaté !), tu pourrais m’expliquer ce qui est différent / non standard sur cette instance webdav de swisscom ? Je connais l’informatique tu peux m’expliquer sans vulgariser… Soit ici soit en dm si tu préfères…

Bonne continuation,!