Error during sync when pushing playlist to navidrome with > 41 songs

Issue description:

when trying to sync am online first playlist to navidrome 0.51.1, i get the error message “Error during sync”. when i reduce the playlist size from 46 to 41 it works again. it does not matter which songs i remove.


Upload description: nick: tea

Additional information:

this is the output from navidrome when the sync fails:

– hidden for privacy —

Reproduction steps:

make playlist with 46 songs
try to upload it to navidrome

Media provider:




Your log is empty … I need logs reproducing the issue

And the log is from 9.0.0 when your Navidrome extract that does not show any issue is 9.1.0.

i sent the log through Symfonium… i re-submitted through the website now.
the error seems to be “414 Request-URI Too Large”, maybe related to

You uploaded the wrong one then :slight_smile:

Anyway yes the issue is the same but your proxy is over protective here, there’s batching at 50 and it generate urls that are under the default nginx values.

At this point you need to fix nginx settings to support larger uri.

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thank you, increasing large_client_header_buffers in nginx did help (it is set to 2k by default in gentoo). :blush:

I really need to find time to test post support on all OS servers :frowning: