Error during Sync of playlist to jellyfin

Issue description:

I’ve created a local playlist that I want to sync to jellyfin.
From the playlist connect menu I select sync, push local version to provider.
This results in “error during Sync. Contact support if this keep happening”.

Note: this used to work for me (a couple of months ago).

Please advise if you have a workaround or solution for this problem?



Upload description: ---- replication of playlist sync error

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Never write your email publicly like that :slight_smile:

2024-05-01 22:26:00.953 Verbose/JellyfinLogger: <-- [658] 400  https://xxx/Playlists/2473680ae5ac0933c02ed8a811a29317/Items?userId=8d81b6c364064952a8ed427a473a98b3&Ids=149093af8a94c3e778936969f7e7aea1,8c3d84e7e7d55a31bcb88b1455989a35,69ebff8caa95e822a9bf7feb339d1548,35aae58bf14f5f8a853f567f9a2472d1,57d4af0ee16bafb907dfb99d56cbd76d,87fd6b42b70e018d599980054447c9ba,eeea49aed20c9d35c25e7d35212ca805,4b06b8b833dadc6d262fa8bcd27a135c,744348f3aed06254a170ce59f326cdeb,0819e31c851d0386f8b3c05506782f5c,fb2674c994953383529cd5106ad5be10,38f6648ba87335351f408c7ea0ba59cd,1f726c486410d93eabb4610167a43606,6eac9f4e53282b1fba1a0e3e948b43c1,d317bd6a2c28a98c146972853365c031,e9f2e2d475ed2672b65bab692997d30d,1934d5bc57c29f630aee447ad4136ee9,bf1c8a0ef2038e27d94bf78daacd065c,b0a435e6215d5bce9e7f6c3f58964799,38a2cd1ec804d4efe745db7784434c88,e8df9ffa577f0c248e83c720b72b1b2c,b283ba7505e31e4cf4a7299016328105,74602fe1e3233f68d912833d17c7afa9,623c01195e05cbf5e833dd7b999e1347,f5adde758535b1daae8013bee1360f4c,b547f4b330351a491729089018f351d4,c06c06f57f1226b7b0bcaf4596518f32,6bed513862bb254ec3448da76e092864,9843bf3c9cf125de2dce23c7bceba155,3da8e9b680ecef16a66df900dbdc9145,8d551e339709b68f7f5b835304f3cf5d,7612bbef8c2436fc48a922cba27a36b0,0ae8e63a6cbd6a0ecc62657336922fa5,33e6acf2bb432ad084ca94c1a9db2f6c,2a8d1ae86da095f90c4326123bc4a21f,a48119d3c9e65d5370bc805210f69490,94e6708858dfdbea4f0de4793cdf4077,580c501b311f655394c13638a94133be,fc76e273c7fd6103e7c1e80eea5c3f9b,dfa2b386de623314afcc2e8c401b7f62,658e7bf2aa2015996cceb3f3cc937939,ef36535d2c2a3d1f42fcb4f3f8cdd462,4106a499bb155b3c23797ed13858d4fd,d2fa449638c78861397257d3a2778a0d,377ebc6a486bb62d702e650310de09e8,0785ae33cf275203bd2886e83de28c94 (107ms, unknown-length body)
2024-05-01 22:26:00.955 Verbose/JellyfinLogger: <-- [658] Error processing request.
2024-05-01 22:26:00.956 Error/JellyfinLogger: Request Error: 400 [Error processing request.]

You need to check Jellyfin logs to see why they fail they do not tell it.

And just to be sure what version of Jellyfin?

Hi Tolriq,

I didn’t realise that would be made public.
I just followed the instructions to submit a support request and filled in the form.
(it asked for the username I entered when providing the debug file upload which was my email address)

FWIW: I can still create playlists using Finamp (another 3rd party Jellyfin audio client).

I’ll try to replicate tonight and see if there’s anything in the Jellyfin logs.


The error in Jellyfin logs is:

[2024-05-02 17:40:53.146 +12:00] [ERR] [31] Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.ExceptionMiddleware: Error processing request. URL "POST" "/Playlists/2473680ae5ac0933c02ed8a811a29317/Items".
System.ArgumentException: No Playlist exists with Id 2473680a-e5ac-0933-c02e-d8a811a29317


So, it looks like I’ve caused this issue myself :man_facepalming:


What I think happened was:
I created the playlist on Symphonium and sync’ed it to Jellyfin from there.
Subsequently I’ve deleted the playlist from jellyfin and tried to re-sync from Symphonium.


The fix was:
I used Symphonium to select all items in the broken playlist and added them to a new playlist. This playlist sync’ed to Jellyfin without issue.


Thanks for your patience. Feel free to close this support ticket.

Yes this is “normal” once the playlist is pushed successfully then the server becomes the master point of the playlist, and so it’s expected to be there.

Unfortunately by returning error 400 without message it’s hard for me to detect your case and warn the user :frowning: And doing pre checks everytime is just time lost and battery for no reason 99,99999% of the time.