Emby double Finished Playing report

As mentioned elsewhere, when I finish playing a song by holding down the Pause, in the Emby server dashboard it reports Finished Playing for that song twice.
Hopefully, I’ve just sent a log.

Ok so yes this is mostly normal :frowning: Emby have no global API to set the resume points and rely on sending a stop.
So it got the normal stop to indicate playback is stopped, then when resume point status is synced a second stop is send.
Not sure there’s much I can do here to workaround that more.

For the record why is that history logs so important to you?

Well, maybe not important, but to me it still counts as a bug (which only appeared recently), and thats what betas are for - reporting bugs.

And as a player, its great, and I’ve got to moan about something…

Why so such aggressivity?
As explained this is not really a bug, the bug was that resume point where sometimes not saved and it’s fixed.

Apologies. That wasn’t my intention. I thought I was being quite polite but managed to get it wrong…

No problem I had not yet drank my coffee :stuck_out_tongue: