Emby artist logo support

Feature description:

Emby music artist metadata will import three pictures if Emby is able to find these from Musicbrainz. These pricures include clearlogo; fanart and folder. The symfonium currently reads fanart and folder picture NOT clearlogo.

The Emby usually places the clearlogo being the artist logo at the upper left side corner of the artist page if available. This is visually appealing. I wish the Symfonium is able to import the logo at the suitable place.

Thank you.

Problem solved:

This will make the Symfonium better compatible with Emby feature.

Brought benefits:

It makes Symfonioum artist interface more visually appealing.

Other application solutions:

Only Emby app achieved this.

Additional description and context:

The screen 1 shows how the Emby captures this logo.

The screen 2 shows that Emby usually imports three pictures by its metadata agent.

Screenshots / Mockup:



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