Easier favorites bulk download

It would be really great if favorites could be treated like a playlist so that it could be bulk downloaded. If this is already doable, it’s unclear how to do this.

Smart playlists will allow to do that :slight_smile:

If you mean that they’re already in the app. Then they at least don’t work with Jellyfin. Because when I select import through Jellyfin I don’t see anything about making a smart playlist. If you mean you’ll be implementing it soon then I look forward to it!

will implied it’s not there yet :slight_smile: Google Play Store is broken ATM can’t push the build with smart filters :frowning: When smart filters are stable, smart playlists will be there allowing this.

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Any updates on Smart Playlists on the play store? Just making sure I’m not missing anything since I still can’t seem to make them yet.

It’s already there see changelog :wink: and Wiki.

Thank you, I figured it out. Loving the app! Thank you!