[duplicate] Improve search such that special characters are simplified to standard characters

There’s a well known DJ who is called “Tiësto”. I can’t find him if I search for “tiesto”. It would be great if the search could find him (and other artists/songs).

Oh user, dear friend,
Template’s void, left unfilled,
Duplicate post born.

A gentle reminder,
To complete the missing parts,
For uniqueness sought.

Let your thoughts unfurl,
With originality’s brush,
A masterpiece formed.

Avoid the path well-trodden,
Embrace creativity’s call,
A fresh perspective found.

So breathe life into words,
Craft anew, uncharted realms,
In this vast digital sea.

For your voice is valued,
Uniqueness to be cherished,
Let your light shine bright.

Remember, dear user,
Template’s embrace, essential,
Avoid the clone’s fate.

Let your spirit guide,
And ignite your creative fire,
With each post, anew.

My bad. I didn’t find the “original” feature request so I thought I open one.