DSF support in the works?

Feature description:

For local playback I’d like to see dsf + wavpack support. This already exists with both Neutron and UAPP and as such is not unheard of (both of them either lack proper streaming support and/or have most unseemly UI).

I fully appreciate that the use case may be of fringe, but currently my use of player depends wholly on the file format as I carry with my phone a large SD with assortment of DSD / DXD for situations where streaming from Jelly isn’t viable due network issues for example. It would be nice for Symfonium to be the complete player for both streamers and local players.

It’s on the radar but ExoPlayer does not support it by default so I’d need to write an extractor from scratch and it’s not a small task for a very narrow need.

Why have you never converted those to a more streamlined format?

And since you use Jellyfin what I can easily provide is to add conversion during offline cache, so you could use Symfonium offline cache to generate high quality files but still be able to play them on the go.