DSD/DSF Playback failed

Issue description:

Synfonium doesn’t play dsd/dsf files on Plex, while Plexamp does. (Debug log available)

And similar to the case of WAV files earlier, dsf files are transcoded to Opus when using Chromecast devices (Plexamp passes through as dsd instead)


Log file is attached

debug-20231025_163457.zip (31.4 KB)

Seems Plex transcode to unsupported FLAC can you provide the file you used to test? Or the Plex transcode logs to see what they transcode too exactly? @nqk

And Chromecast does not support DSD/DSF so it’s impossible that they play as DSD.

Unfortunately this Plex server is not under my management. I will prepare my own and do the debug.

Regarding Chromecast, Plexamp always shows “dsd” as the format, rather than opus. (Same system).