Dropbox Not Showing Music Folder

Issue description:

I tried adding a Dropbox folder named “Music” exactly as you have done in your support document. Unfortunately, while many of my folders appear in the list to choose from, Music is not one of them. My Music folder has several sub-folders broken into genres like Christmas and so on. None of these folders appear in my list of folders that I can choose from. That list is also not in any apparent order.


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Please full the mandatory template and provide the necessary logs…

Only root folders are listed.

The folder I am trying to share is definitely a root folder. c:\Dropbox\Music

I do not know what mandatory template you are referring to. If you link it I will happily fill it in. I even searched for “template” on this forum and did not find it.

Here are my logs.

2023-12-19 22:23:35.909 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Result: T888
2023-12-19 22:23:35.921 Verbose/Logger: Information: panther/panther/34/14/Pixel 7/google/0/true/124/126/3
2023-12-19 22:23:35.922 Verbose/Logger: Information: 7.0.0 (1190[arm64-v8a]) - DisplayMetrics{density=2.625, width=1080, height=2201, scaledDensity=3.01875, xdpi=415.636, ydpi=417.534} - FS:1.15 - AS:null - (en_US) b0c671a7f9464e53 99360A0249E9BD68EB6635DA4CD5D8B7
2023-12-19 22:23:35.923 Verbose/Logger: Previous exit reason: 10/300 - [REMOVE TASK] remove task [2023-12-19 18:21:53.538]

When you create a post it’s pre filled.

I need logs reproducing the problem an properly uploaded.

Are you sure that folder is synced to the cloud and you see it in Dropbox web interface.

I am 100% sure this folder is in Dropbox and is synced to the cloud, and that the replication is working across all my devices. I am currently using it from my phone to play music from that directory, but the Dropbox music player isn’t as full featured as your product so I was hoping to use yours. See screen shot of the Dropbox web interface.


I don’t know what the logs will show you as there is no error. There is no message that pops up or anything else. The list of directories from the root of my Dropbox is right there for me to choose from in your application. Everything is working. It is just out of order, and it is missing the Music directory.

If you want me to create a new post so I can fill in your template, I will do that.

The logs during the provider add will show what Dropbox Answer and why the music directory is not seen.
For the template you can just edit the first post, this helps me and help everyone when searching for similar issues.

Ok, I did that and I have the logs. Can you please tell me how I should upload them? I have no ability to attach a file to this post that I can see. I can email them to you if that’s better. Just let me know and I will send them.

Regarding this template, I am really sorry but I just don’t see what you are asking for. I edited my first post and I get this:

I see no template to fill in. Please tell me what I need to do and I will do it. I am not trying to be difficult.

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For the logs upload it’s https://upload.symfonium.app/

Ok thank you. I have uploaded the logs. I also uploaded a screen shot of the screen I get showing me all my directories EXCEPT the Music directory. Please note that I scrolled the list to the top and bottom. No Music directory.

Sorry about the template. I deleted it when I first posted so now I understand why it’s not there. I believe I’ve now provided all the information contained in the template, even though I didn’t do it in the first post.

Would still be nice if you could edit the first post and fill the template, as I said, this helps a lot other users when they are looking for previous issues that match their problem and reduce a lot duplicate support requests.

For the issue, logs shows that DropBox ignore the limit I send and paginate with a small number of entries. Will fix in next release.

Great. I will edit that post now. If you can also fix the sort order, that would be excellent. I’ll look for your update when the fix is available. Will you update this thread? That would be ideal as I will get an email.

Thanks for your help.

No I do not update threads, you can follow Changelog - Symfonium support to know about updates.

I just checked the update. It’s working now. Thank you for fixing this. My trial ended and I purchased the app. Happy New Year.