Drag & Drop Bug

Issue description:

When attempting to drag-n-drop a thumbnail onto the play/next/last icons sometimes the round thumbnail is rendered far from the touch-point (even to the point it’s off-screen). Furthermore, the wrong cover image is used in the round dragable thingy. This only happens after scrolling the list down several screens worth.


debug-20230418_125328.zip (2.6 KB)


Google link to a screen capture video (I’m guessing you don’t want a 125MB upload):


Additional information:

Pixel 7. Happens on all the lists, not just “recent items”.

Thanks for the details, seems Google optimized things in last Compose release leading to some cached stuff being reused.

Will be fixed in next release.

Sorry to inform you that this isn’t yet fixed in 5.2.0B2. It happens less often, but still occasionally; I noticed it during actual use twice, so it’s not purely academic.

I can’t come up with a simple and repeatable repro, but it’s some combination of scrolling up and down a few screens worth and dragging and discarding album icons (i.e. click, drag a little, change your mind, let go). I can reliably make it happen with ten or fifteen seconds of fussing around.

I’ll need a repro, I’ve tested for 10 minutes in different screens and it never happened.

It so happens that I’m getting a new phone tomorrow, an S23 to replace my Pixel. I’ll try it out on that and make sure it’s not Pixel-specific.

Got a video repro from another user by mail with list and not grid. (He have a One Plus)

I was able to repro once for now (on a Pixel 6 pro).

If you have a better way to repro it can help, else I’ll try more with that user method.