Downloaded covers disappear after some time

Issue description:


I’m having some issues with image cache. Even if I use persistent cache, the images fail to load after some time being offline. The time is very inconsistent; sometimes 5 minutes is enough, and sometimes it can happen after some hours.


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Additional information:

It started happening since I updated to v10 beta 1, but the same day I updated the android version to the security update April 2024 (still android 14), so maybe it’s a change of how my phone manages the cache?

The first two screenshots are from syncing yesterday without persistent cache and leaving the phone offline during the night. (Taken this morning).
The third one is after enabling persistent cache and repeating all steps again. This time it took less than 10m to happen.
The last one is a recreation of the first one with internet, to ensure covers load with WiFi correctly

Reproduction steps:

The steps I used during logs are:
1: Clear image cache
2: Sync the provider
3: Go to albums and scroll until all covers are loaded
4: Go to songs and do the same
5: Turn off the WiFi
6: Close the app and wait
7: Open the app after some time waiting

If enough time happened, now the covers are gone

Media provider:





Init image cache folder at: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ (false/0)
Unable to create cache folder /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/

Seems something deletes the folder and even can prevent creation this is really strange.

Would be nice if you could check if that folder exists after waiting a long time to see if the folder is really removed by something or it’s the OS returning wrong information and I should add some kind of retries.

It didn’t happen since I sent the issue. I’ll send another reply when it happens

It just happened! The covers are in the folder, but the app doesn’t load them: Procesando: Snipaste_2024-04-17_01-06-52.png…

If I go to the album, the cover doesn’t load:

The currently playing and next in queue except last one are loaded too:

Looking into the folders, I can see copies of the same cover, that I assume are of the different tracks of the album. However, not a single track has the album cover, as shown in the queue, I uploaded them to the secure file sharing to avoid flooding this with images (the description has a link to this issue with some info about the images).

Even thought I only used the app with internet disabled, I had Wi-Fi activated when not using the app, so maybe it tried to sync in the background?

Unfortunately, I don’t have logs of this particular case, as I turned debug mode off this morning.

Ok so it’s the os wrongly saying the folder is not present :frowning:

Will add more logs in next release and a retry.

it seems like i’m having the same issue, tho for me it happens almost immediately after reopening the app while offline, i tried to set the provider to sync all images and i think almost all config options related to caching the images i found, the behavior seems always the same
FYI i’m using navidrome and the app is installed in a car android head unit (android 10), i’ll try get the logs next time it happens