Download progress indicator

Feature description:

Could you add some sort of download progress indicator ?
(In-app, android notification, whatever…)

The media provider is Navidrome.

Problem solved:

Sometimes play stops, but I don’t know if it is because of a problem somewhere on my phone, or simply because I’m having bad network connection and I should just wait.

Brought benefits:

Having a visual cue that Symfonium is working properly while awaiting downloads to finish.
Additionally, having a visual cue that Symfonium is actively downloading something over the network connection, which could help in understanding when the achieved throughput for other network operations (e.g. web browsing, chat) is less than expected.

Other application solutions:

substreamer has a cloud icon where one can click and see active downloads.
I’m not fond of the implementation, anyway, so feel free to do something better.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I’m not capable of drawing a mockup. Furthermore, you are in a better place to decide where that feature would fit in your app architecture.

It’s already all there. A notification and a complete manage view queue and everything in the settings.

What I experience is : Symfonium starts playing a song, then stops for several seconds, then resumes for a bit, then stops again etc.
That’s the typical and dreaded “Buffering…” behavior one finds in streaming apps, hence I suppose it’s related to network stall, but not seeing a download indicator, I’m just not sure.

I did not find a way to check that - but me needing new eyes remains a possibility too.

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Download and buffering are 2 vastly different things :slight_smile:

If you want to reduce buffering issues you need to enable the option playback cache in the settings.

oookay. Thanks !
I set a maximum size of the playback cache to 1024MB, it was “undefined” (I never touched that setting).
That should take care of the issue. If not, I’ll reopen this thread :slight_smile:

OKay, I’ve played with the cache settings a bit, and things seem to be better. But I’m still not 100% convinced whether I’m encountering network issues or quirks on my phone : sometimes, Symfonium switches to a song and does not seem to want to play it, as the play button is actually showing the |> icon, which normally I should press in order to start playing. However, if I wait “long enough”, the track starts playing on its own. Similarly, usually in the same location (that’s why I’m wondering about network issues), the song plays for a few seconds and then stops. At which stage, the play button shows the |> icon again, not the || icon. Not being sure of what is happening, I may press the |> icon once, twice, any number of times. And at once the song restarts playing.
So, I’m left wondering what the heck Symfonium is doing, or not doing, during these play hiatus.
Would there be a way to show an indicator that Symfonium is still alive, although showing the |> icon as if it were just stopped, and I shall just wait for things to progress and not touch the |> icon ?

Unfortunately it’s not that easy as there’s many different pieces at play here and support for many different renderers.

I’ll see what I can do but you can assume that there’s no quicks on the app so it’s network issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Suggestion : maybe you can simply do something like making the play button blink while it’s caching data ?