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I’m sure there was an option to download a playlist to a local folder but that option seem to be gone?


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I’m sure there was an option to download to local folder the whole playlist, is the option gone?

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No there was not and there’s no real need for that, there’s better apps if all you want to do is bunch of downloads.

I’m sure I have used a function to download to a local folder a smart playlist, because that’s the main use case for me to use this app, and I still have a folder in my downloads called Symfonium/ with songs in it, so the function was either there and was removed or I’m just not able to find it anymore.

Furthermore, looking at the change log looks like some chsnges were made in the cache option so probably this has caused the fuction to disappear.

I would appreciate if it could added back, it is still present for albums, so why not playlist?


The function is even described in the wiki

I guess you know better than me :wink:

The function was never available for playlists.

What is your actual use case of downloading the media and not caching them? This is an small utility but offline cache should be prefered in 99,999% of the case.

I make playlists and then download them to usb sticks to play music on high quality players without using bluetooth.

Is there a way to install the old version?

Why the need to do that on a phone and not directly on the source as it’s faster and easier.

And you could also cast to those via UPnP for same quality, either they support it or with a small network dac.

Anyway I’ll enable in next version but your process is quite unique.

Thanks a lot for the support, if you think there is a better way to do it, happy to follow, but so far the only app that allowed me to download the source files directly from a smart playlist is yours, no other app has this feature.

Why not just cast to those devices?

You download via slow wifi to slow phone storage to then slowly copy to usb stick via phone slow usb port.

The device does not support cast and i also use the USB stick in my car (Bluetooth quality is really bad)