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My Symfonium App has access to my Nextcloud server via the Music Plugin (Subsonic). This works really well. I can play files without any problems. But I would like to use your app for Downloading music to my phone and then access it with my DJing App. For some reason, flac files are downloaded as mp3. Symfonium doesn’t have problems with it, because it grabs the MIME Type from the file. But the DJ App cannot load the file, with the wrong extension.
The transmitted M

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As you can see in the screenshots, the mime type is flac, but the downloaded file extension is mp3.

Got my answer on Play Store or just luck you are here ? :slight_smile:

Anyway seems there’s an issue with extracting the mime from those subsonic urls, I’ll repro and fix thanks for the report.

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I got your answer on Google Play Store. So this is for sure a better way to report problems.

Found the issue will be fixed for next release.

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