Double scrobbles in both and listenbrainz

Note: I am NOT experiencing this duplicate scrobbling issue with playback via Plexamp. Only playback via Symfonium.

I have scrobbling set up via Other Services → Linked Accounts within Plex and listenbrainz via Plex webhook. It happens with both cached and uncached tracks.

I really need to find an addon to automate this.

As the template you deleted says:
Be sure to read the following link for how to gather logs.

Any issue without the logs can be automatically closed without any further notice.

Please provide the necessary mandatory logs?

A probable cause is that you have a scrobbler also installed on the phone and Symfonium broadcast the necessary information too as supposed, something plexamp does not do by default IIRC.

For both and ListenBrainz, first scrobbles appears to be happening at 50% and duplicate scrobble occurs at 100% and I was not able to replicate when playing a single track. Another track had to be queued up and begin for duplicate scrobble to occur.

I do not have app installed on my device and also do not have a dedicated scrobbling app installed on my device. I do have MusicBrainz installed; however, I have triple checked that the ‘Enable Listens Service’ is turned OFF.

I’ll attempt to send logs directly to you.

Scrobbling is still an issue. I’ll send logs tomorrow.