Dolby Atmos icon in the codec info

Feature description:

Media Provider : Any

Some songs have multi-channel setup (Spatial Audio), mainly those on iTunes. The file container is usually .m4a for these files, with the codec being EC-3 (Enhanced AC-3). The app shows this in the codec info as MP4/EAC3, but can it be made so that instead of “MP4/EAC3” it shows the dolby atmos logo in place of it. I have attached a mock-up showing this.

I understand that this may not be possible due to licensing and trademark related issues.

Brought benefits:

The brought benefits are nothing major, but IMO it does add a nice look and a visual indicator that the track being played is Dolby Atmos capable.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Here is the mockup, I tried my best to make it look decent.

EAC3 does not mean Atmos, it’s just one of the format that can have Atmos data in it.

And sorry but in all cases I prefer consistency, if I add one logo I should add all of them and it starts to look ugly.