Does symfonium support replaygain on jellyfin?

I am not entirely sure whether it is supported but I haven’t found any mention of it in any documentation I’ve read. If not, what services support some kind of volume normalization for free?

Also, does symfonium support something similar to the sound analysis features offered by plexamp? If not what are some viable alternatives if it could not be implemented?

Replay gain tags are fully supported whatever the provider. There’s plenty of tools to edit your tags to fill them.

Not sure what you mean by sound analysis but no Symfonium can’t load all your music to analyse the audio data, that would mean potentially TB of data to download to the app, this is the job of the media provider to give necessary data.

Ok. Thank you. That’s good to know.

And that makes sense. Plexamp has a feature that will recommend songs based on a computation of the sound dynamics of the song itself which can lead to good recommendations that a typical tag-based system might not pick up on. I’m not familiar with the specifics of the feature since I refuse to pay $120 for Plex pass.

I’m not sure Plex exposes the data without Plex Pass so it’s not really something I can support as would target a very very small part of the users for a very large impact on coding and UX point of view.