Documentation Site and Organization

Proposal description

Create a new GitHub organization and use it to create a website to host this group’s on-going effort. This organization would have a main repository, which would hold the current Subsonic documentation and future enhancements to it. New proposals could be created as PRs that could be discussed and would need to be approved before merging it to the documentation.

The documentation could be written in Markdown using a static-site generator (Hugo?) and auto-deployed to a page.

The organization members would be any interested client and server developers. Having a working client or server implementation published and available for download (Open Source or not) would be required to join the organization. No member of the organization would be able to merge PRs to the documentation without it being voted and approved by a certain number of members (50%?).

We could even move this forum to GH Discussions, it would be very similar to this one and would be more project agnostic.

Alternative solutions

Use other similar sites like GitLab.

As suggested on the other discussion I would rather have the new proposal be done as discussion with a template first, way easier to edit and discuss and maintain for the life of the discussion. Cloning + PR + commits is a lot more work for new comers.

Then once the proposal is nearly validated a PR is made to tweak the final wording and the details?

Previous attempt with rigid PR for it did not work out at all it seems.

With that said, moving the discussion from this forum to github discussion should not be a problem, seems you can add tag / edit / close and there’s category. Only question, as I never used it, is can repo owners edit posts made by others?

We could start the discussions in the Discussions part of the repository, and only create the PR when we have an agreement.

Only question, as I never used it, is can repo owners edit posts made by others?

I can be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you can define permissions for that.

If we decided in favour of this, next steps would be:

  • Select a proper name
  • Create the organization
  • Add some(all?) of us as owners/admins
  • Choose a static site generator and a template for the documentation
  • Configure the auto-deploy for PRs

I can handle some of these tasks, but first we need to reach a consensus.

Sentriz is in vacation and back end January, he’ll probably agree on the extensions too.

Last one to answer is lachlan for Ampache. Let’s wait until the end of January, then I’ll ping both again to decide on both the target and the how.