DLNA/UPnP stream to amp being rendered on phone?

Issue description:

  • Not sure if this is an issue or not but I noticed strange behavior. Before when I was streaming from my Plex DLNA server directly to my amp which acts as a UPnP endpoint, it didn’t say on the Plex dashboard that the audio is going through my phone. Today I noticed that it says my phone is playing the song when a few days ago it didn’t show that. This is also making it so that if I restart my phone or take it off wifi then playback stops. Wanted to see if this is normal or not.



  • the attached screen shot is my Plex dashboard even when my amp is selected as the playback device

Additional information:

debug1-8-22.log (1.7 MB)

Not really sure what is happening anymore because I took my phone off of wifi but playback is continuing. The Plex dashboard now has nothing actively playing but the music is still playing out of my network connected amp.

I’m guessing Plex just thinks that if I send audio FROM my phone to the amp, that my phone is playing it even though the amp is playing it directly?

So this is all normal, Symfonium is a multi provider application so even if some providers can handle the queue in some cases, Symfonium always handle the queue itself as plex would not be able to handle queue items from the phone or from Emby.

The actual audio data is properly direct from the server to the receiver, but it’s Symfonium that manage it. To avoid issues with tokens and playcount for the Plex case, the actual renderer name is not sent that’s why you’ll always see Symfonium. (At least you should, the screenshot is strange).

This have effectively the side effect that if you loose wifi connection on your phone the playback will stop at some point.
If your renderer support gapless then after 2 tracks else after 1. There’s not much I can do about it.

One side effect advantage is that Symfonium can cast to upnp devices when at a friend house or in a separated vlan and many of the cases when Plex can’t.

Got it. Thank you for the answer!