DLNA Icon doesn't refresh on automatic reconnect

Issue description:

When Symfonium automatically reconnect to the last used DLNA renderer at startup : the DLNA icon remains in disconnected state.

The icon should reflect the actual status of the DLNA connection.


debug-20230521_170709.zip (31.1 KB)


Additional information:

thanks for the excellent app and support

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done Sir !!

Ok so it’s not disconnected state (that would be a red icon with a / over) this is the not casting icon at all.

If you press the icon what does it show in the list?

If I press the icon it shows that playback is set to local device, which is not the case and not the intended behaviour : it’s actually casting to the last DLNA renderer used before closing the app.

So it seems that the auto reconnect works, but the status is not accurate.

Ok thanks, a just a small race in the status, will be fixed for next release.

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