Disconnecting issues with Emby server behind reverse proxy

Issue description:

Initially, the links to artists and albums work from the now playing screen and menu items to artists and albums also work. The problem occurs after playing music and the phone screen turns off, approximately 10 minutes (The app has no battery restrictions in Android) The issue produces one of the three included screenshots. I believe it also prevents more tracks from being added to the queue automatically.

Reverse proxy is traefik (2.5.6) and I haven’t had any issues with the Emby app.

The received logs does not show anything it’s just a few seconds here and there.

But 10 mins offscreen issue is very certainly something like https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-solve-the-issue-of-mobile-data-turning-off-10-minutes-after-the-Redmi-4A’s-screen-locks

In all cases I need logs when this happen to be able to see anything.

Sent a link with the entire log. I don’t think it is the screen off issue as the app has no battery restrictions and music continues to play/download. I also don’t have issues with playing music with the same settings on the Emby app.

The logs are strange

2022-05-09 20:18:06.070 Verbose/EmbyLogger: --> [673] GET https://REDACTED/Users/33fa9957c8d442669a97202ba398ce9c/Items?Recursive=true&IncludeItemTypes=Audio,AudioBook&ParentId=7e64e319657a9516ec78490da03edccb&ExcludeLocationTypes=Virtual&Fields=Genres,SortName,Path,RunTimeTicks,DateCreated,ProductionYear,CommunityRating&startIndex=6000&limit=2000&UserId=33fa9957c8d442669a97202ba398ce9c
2022-05-09 20:18:06.119 Verbose/EmbyLogger: <-- [673] 200  https://REDACTED/Users/33fa9957c8d442669a97202ba398ce9c/Items?Recursive=true&IncludeItemTypes=Audio,AudioBook&ParentId=7e64e319657a9516ec78490da03edccb&ExcludeLocationTypes=Virtual&Fields=Genres,SortName,Path,RunTimeTicks,DateCreated,ProductionYear,CommunityRating&startIndex=6000&limit=2000&UserId=33fa9957c8d442669a97202ba398ce9c (547ms, unknown-length body)
2022-05-09 20:25:50.892 Verbose/Emby: Settings: [email protected] true (0/1/0/0)
2022-05-09 20:25:50.901 Verbose/Logger: Information: surya_tr/surya/30/11/M2007J20CG/POCO/0/true/92/126/70
2022-05-09 20:25:50.903 Verbose/Emby: Check if Music needs sync
2022-05-09 20:25:50.904 Verbose/Logger: Information: 1.2.0 (604[arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]) - DisplayMetrics{density=2.75, width=1080, height=2265, scaledDensity=2.75, xdpi=391.885, ydpi=395.844} - 1.0 (en_US)  
2022-05-09 20:25:50.913 Verbose/Logger: Previous exit reason: 13/300 - SwipeUpClean [2022-05-09 20:25:28.134]

The sync is stopped in the middle without anything going on for 7 minutes this can’t happen unless the points I pointed you earlier on don’t kill my app are in cause.

But the logs also says that you swipe up the app to kill it. Why? Is the app no more responsive what is happening at that time?

At the same time there seems to be an issue with the auto sync that want to sync due to mismatching data while it should not. It’s caused by Emby having multiple media created at the exact same time due to your server not taking milliseconds on account for whatever reason.

Do you think you can give me an access to your server and the library part that contains " /mnt/Data/Music/Flac/Cannons/" ? That would help to figure out how to properly fix that detection problem and probably to reproduce the other issue you have with time report.