Disambiguate Between Album Versions

Feature description:

Show album “VERSION” tag alongside album tag to visually identify different versions of the same album. I added this as an API request to Opensubsonic but, the more I think about it, it should also just be a simple read of the ID3 tags to display on the Symfonium app as Musicbrainz ID’s can be used to keep the albums separate but won’t visually show the differences.

Problem solved:

Visually disambiguate differences between various versions of the same album [i.e. Beatles - Revolver (UK Mono), Revolver (US Stereo), Revolver (2014 Beatles in Mono), etc.]

Tagging these albums in Musicbrainz will result in all 3 versions of the album appearing with just the album name “Revolver” when browsing the app.

Brought benefits:

I have seen similar requests across numerous Subsonic servers to help disambiguate between album versions.

Other application solutions:

Roon does this very well by showing the “VERSION” tag under the album name (example image of Bryan Adams - Reckless attached below). Ampache documentation uses the VERSION tag as well, however, I have not tested this.

Additional description and context:

Screenshot below shows 5 versions I have of Beatles Revolver. The album tags currently have the versions in parentheses but those will all turn into just Revolver once I run through Musicbrainz.

I have this in the Opensubsonic API as well but I’m not entirely sure why an API is needed just to display the content now. Could still be useless for those that want to disambiguate off of the version tag instead of MBID from a server standpoint.

My initial thoughts on how to do this would be some way of concatenating the album tag and version tag so that it doesn’t affect the users that do not want to bother setting up version tags due to no need. Or maybe it’s easier just the program an “if version tag exists = show version tag…”

Screenshots / Mockup:


If Symfonium talk to a Subsonic server it does not have access to the tags hence the need for the corresponding API.

A simple way is to use a picard script to add the version tag to the album name it will do the same.

Gotcha. So probably worth discussing after (if) it gets implemented in the API.

Probably going to add it to make album name tags for now. Just going to have to find a good way to easily revert back to the original album tags if the VERSION tag does get implemented.