Differential sync with jellyfin

I have a huge music collection on my Jellyfin server. Because, as far as I understood, there is no differential sync, the update of the Symfonium database takes several minutes.

I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a differential sync on Symfonium by using the “Kodi Sync Queue” addon on the Jellyfin side.

In theory probably, in reality not really because I would mostly need to write my own version that works better for Symfonium.

Jellyfin currently have a big issue with artists being duplicated but not really leading to different IDs that can’t be matched. There’s tons of hacks around that to workaround 99% of the cases, but those hacks are not compatible with differential sync anyway as the data is lost.

If one day they fix this huge issue, leading to stable and ‘matchable’ ids then I might look again into that plugin since it seems it officially published by Jellyfin and so probably built to stay up to date with the Jellyfin updates.