Different application name for upnp

Feature description:

I am using Symfonium with gonic and on my smartphone I have “opus_192” transcoding with gonic.

It works great ! But wanting to broadcast it to my sonos system doesn’t work. I need to turn the transcoding off…

I don’t know if it’s possible but a good solution for me would be to have a dedicated Symfonium application name like “symfonium_upnp” so that gonic doesn’t feed transcoded music to upnp.

Problem solved:

It would stop making me choose between transcoding my files or using my sonos setup.

Brought benefits:

It would help making more precise configuration and separate what Android plays and what external devices play.

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That’s the Joy of Gonic that does things differently from the others …

On other Subsonic servers Symfonium have control of the transcoding and can transcode when on mobile and cast at full bitrate.

Damn you’re fast !
So if I understand it correctly Symfonium can’t say what it wants ?
Like I can totally turn off transcoding in gonic, but then I would have to turn it on in Symfonium itself, would that be doable ?

It would work for all Subsonic servers except Gonic :slight_smile:

Oh nooooo !
But I like the folder view so much in Gonic… That’s a big dilemma now for me !

Well let’s try again @sentriz :slight_smile: We need control from apps, to transcode when on mobile and not when on wifi or when casting or the few others cases.

It’s a recurring discussion, so I think nothing will be done until a new API is built for OpenSubsonic.

I guess the final workaround would be that Symfonium send fake different client names for all the cases, but it should not be needed and will causes caching issues.

The “final workaround” sounds easiest for me, I don’t really care about caching when the files aren’t transcoded anyway, I’m not a dev at all but it would basically be like a button in the media provider “use another client name for upnp” and I would be very happy, that’s all I need tbh. But is it doable without too much effort ?

There’s many side effects for many different use.

If I did this, the client name would include the upnp renderer name so you’d end up with tons of different clients created on the providers, some servers might not like that, some servers can have issues if there’s any strange characters in the renderer name and every other cases that might gone wrong. Leading to tons of support on my side too.

Just to workaround a server that does not behave like the others.

Oh understood, there’s a bit more than what was on my mind.
I learned something today, thanks !

That’s the Joy of Gonic that does things differently from the others …

i’d appreciate it if you didn’t use this tone. we’ve talked about this many times before. you don’t need to keep pointing it out in a snarky manner.

Well let’s try again @sentriz :slight_smile: We need control from apps, to transcode when on mobile and not when on wifi or when casting or the few others cases.

yes you can already do this. once a server side transcode preference has been set, you can still original file with ?format=raw

There’s no tone, just a fact leading to weekly support requests because users faces blown-up phone bills and after all those many months you still have not added the fail on request to prevent that. While I respect your choices for many of your decisions to fit your needs on your server, not implementing the fail safe for users to not have to pay huge bills if they do not read the fine print that transcoding needs to be forced on server side is IMO not cool for your users and so still worth a reminder.

Each time we discussed this you said you ignored the format parameter so never mentioned that this was actually supported.

@garfieldairlines you can edit your provider in Symfonium and enable the option Ignore server transcoding settings.
Then set a maximum bitrate for mobile playback in Transcoding to still have transcoding running with mobile connection.

Wow guys calm down, I wasn’t coming here to start a flame war between you two !

But will do, thanks !

okay i’ve made in an error for maxBitRate to be requested with no server side preferences present


just as a stop-gap until we have an extension for clients to list transcode preferences

Thanks, bla bla 20 chars.