Detailed "Playing From" for queues

Feature description:

Queues currently are given names from the album, artist, or playlists (and genres, etc.?) views that playback is started from. These albums, artists, or playlists could also share the same names. Having some way distinguishing that I’m playing from my “likes” or from artist “The Beatles” or album “Use Your Illusion” or playlist “Classic Rock” would be very helpful, perhaps by using the same chips used elsewhere in the app.

Ultimately, it’ll make the “multiple now playing queues” view more approachable as I’ll know what exactly I’m playing and that I’m sure to play the intended queue.

Additional description and context:

Sneaking in a hot-link back to the queue source would be an appreciated touch as well.


No idea what you are talking about there’s a complete template for the requests :wink:

The names are generated from the data available no idea what you want more.

For the link back this is not possible as it could be anything and renamed and added content / mixed content, played from API or many other cases.

Okay, maybe a better way to describe it is this:

Start a queue of all tracks from the artist “The Beatles”
Start a second queue of all tracks from the album “The Beatles” by the Beatles
Start a third queue of all tracks from a playlist named “The Beatles”

Now bring up the list of past queues–they’re all named “The Beatles” and you can’t distinguish what is what, unless you remember what order you last started each of these queues.

The problem is that the type is moving, the queue name correspond to what you start to play but you can add things to it after, so the name is not ultra relevant unless you rename it.

I think this is more an edge case than anything else here and should be pretty rare.

Well in the case of the type moving, I would think taking Spotify’s approach is best: “Playing from Queue.”

An example (thank you google image search of Spotify)–Start playing from a playlist, you get

add something to this existing queue after the fact, you get:

Well that queue still exist and still have a name and still can be reloaded. Spotify does not have multi queue :slight_smile:

And there’s also the issues that a queue can point to something that is hidden via the filters at that moment and would fail.