Desktop app of Symfonium

Feature description:

A desktop version of Symfonium, if it’s possible a PWA (Progressive web app) that will run on every OS with the same code. Or a way to install on a server a service that do so.

Problem solved:

Accessing my playlist and songs from my desktop, laptop computer. On Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Brought benefits:

Support of all mainstream plateforms and OS.

Other application solutions:

Youtube Music, Spotify, etc.

Additional description and context:

The app could auth with Google account, which could verify if the user has paid for the app. If not, maybe the user can use a limited version that can’t add a server, only use local music or something like that.

Depending on how it was built on Android, I would use a similar design as the mobile app.
Bottom of screen with controls and track progress,
probably using a 50/50 layout with the player on the right and playlist and menu on the left.

Screenshots / Mockup:



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