Default search fields

Maybe this already exists but I couldn’t find it in the settings or here on the forum.

Feature description:

Add a setting to set the default search fields for the search tab. Currently those default to album artists, albums and songs. I think it would be great if everybody could select this for themselves. I prefer to search All by default for instance.

Problem solved:

It is much faster if you don’t have to select the search fields each time you want to search for something. This can become tiresome over time.

Brought benefits:

I think this helps everybody and nobody is hurt either.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I won’t add a setting for that, but I can do like the sleep timer and keep the value between access.


Funny, I’d set it to have None selected per default.
I only toggle on the category that I know to contain the result to improve search times. By toggling off “Songs” for example I cut down the results by 819.000 possible entries, drastically improving search time.

That would be lovely, then I only have to toggle off 1 and toggle on 1. :slight_smile: