Deep blue purple theme

Here is my latest

Purple_Auto.json (2.7 KB)

Really cool themes! Can you help me out on how to make one. I’m having difficulty navigating the colors in the theme builder. Any tutorials or help is much appreciated!

I would love to but I’m still new to the theme building myself. I can say that the colors are in hex value and in the json theme file all colors start with 0xFF and the next 6 numbers are RGB values.

I found this that better explains color values within the theme file.

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Are you using any app to build the themes?

I don’t use an app, I just edit the theme file with a text editor.

Can you please give me the text editor name?

JSON & XML tool is one of them. It has a paid and free version, both will work easily though.

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Thank you. Bls bla 20 chars