Customized Library View Shortcuts

Feature description:

Symfonium has excellent ways of displaying song and album lists with lot of customization options, I love it!

What I feel is missing is a way to have a link to a specific view+settings, ideally to put on the home view for one-click access.

For example after making a list of all albums of a specific genre with my preferred “Sort by” option, “Filter mode” and “Display mode” I could have a shortcut to this genre with these exact settings to easily access this view in the future.

I think “smart playlists”/“album smart playlists” come close to doing the same thing but don’t include all the settings that library views allow.

Problem solved:

There’s no easy way to return to a view in the future after having customized it (except the last seen one) without going through all the steps again.

Brought benefits:

  1. Library views become even more useful as the time put into customizing them doesn’t have to be repeated!
  2. Helpful to anyone doing maintenance on their music library for repeat uses of views

Other application solutions:

None that I know of.

Additional description and context:

The more details the better to understand the need and figure out the best solution.

Screenshots / Mockup:

None, though I imagine simply having something like a “View shortcuts” or “Library shortcuts” section on home that has a list of my shortcuts. Each could possibly use the icon of the library section it refers to plus a user-given name for the shortcut when it’s created.

While this is a nice idea, currently the settings are saved by global categories, this is a huge change so not sure I’ll tackle that any time soon.