Custom Headers not added to the endpoint /rest/getCoverArt.view

Issue description:

I was trying to migrate from Basic Auth to custom headers auth but I noticed that the app wouldn’t load any cover.

On Cloudflare I block any request which has not the custom headers set and it seems like the endpoint to download the cover art does not pass the headers and is being blocked by Cloudflare(screenshot below)


Upload description: 84c96b44-9fc1-4eb3-932e-0a54ffd69612

Additional information:

In the logs it can be seen as the request are being blocked by Cloudflare.

Reproduction steps:



Media provider:




Speaking of custom headers, if I set some headers, toggle it off and click on Update, it doesn’t turn them off. It will still send them. If you open again the provider settings, you will see that it is toggled on even if it was toggled off.