Custom Headers for authentication

Feature description:


Is it possible to implement a custom header (key: value) that will be send with every request?

Problem solved:

Im behind traefik and oauth for outside the house, so it never reaches the navidrome.

Brought benefits:

We can bypass the authelia/oauth etc. by supplying a custom header with a key

Other application solutions:

 nzb360 added custom headers recently 

Additional description and context:

 Not provided 

Screenshots / Mockup:


You can already use the get params for that. The s param is unique to each provider in Symfonium but stable for caching purpose.

Or you can use basic auth to send a specific user/password that will be skipped. Authelia allows all those cases.

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Ah didnt checked the queries.
Works fine with the Query(foo=bar`) in traefik

Thanks again.