Crossfade and seamless transitions between songs in a playlist

Feature description:

I would like to request a crossfade feature between songs in a playlist. this would bring seamless transition between songs.
This feature can be adjustable meaning it ranges from 1-10 sec. depending on the what you input when a song is about to end the next song will start playing smoothly like it’s in a mix

Problem solved:

right now we have to wait for a song to end then wait again for the next song to start. with crossfade th next song will start playing smoothly the pick up once the song has ended.

Brought benefits:

it would feel like a real mix. songs will blend perfectly

Other application solutions:

Spotify might be the only music app that has this feature(I know of) and the crossfade and seamless transition between songs was a big idea which makes it one of the best music apps.

Additional description and context:

crossfade makes it that there’s no silence at the end of the song(seamless transition between songs), and the next song just pops up (in a low tone of course) then picks up when the song is done
for example im playing Glock in my lap by 21 savage and the next song is letting people go by carnage n diplo… when Glock in my lap is about to end letting people go will start playing for the first 4-5 sec depending on what you put as the crossfade and it’s smooth.

Screenshots / Mockup:

here is the screenshot from Spotify

together with the seamless transition between songs it makes the perfect blend.

Duplicate Crossfade for tracks but since you filled the template I’ll keep this one :slight_smile:

This is blocked by ExoPlayer that does not support this yet.

yet! so it’s something you’ll add in the future

As written it’s blocked by an external dependency. They have no really expressed the intention to work on that so well …

But if they add support then I will too.

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